First Aid Kit – helpful tips from FreaknMissy

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First Aid Kit – helpful tips from FreaknMissy

This is the 1st video of Los Angeles musician Missy (of FreaknMissy) from Sherman Oaks. It was video-taped by her at her lockout where she rehearses with her band – FreaknMissy. Missy shares what is inside one of her medium-size First Aid Kits. This is one that she carries in her car. This kit is still a “work in progress” and many items are still missing from the kit (See *NOTE*).

Missy does not claim to be an authority, but is rather sharing her method and style of how she made her medium size kit (she has kits of various sizes) in hopes that she might inspire others to be more prepared in cases of emergency. She is always hopeful for the best – but wants to be prepared for the worst.

(From MISSY): If you have ANY QUESTIONS at all, please feel free to contact me on my youtube channel “missiana69” and ask any me questions or contact me on facebook at Hopefully I will be able to help with any questions.

If you carry these items but you are not sure how to use them, it will not be as effective so do some of your own personal research as well. Allow yourself to be informed. Also, please check out my band info at:

FreaknMissy music & merchandise:

*NOTE*: Items that will be included in the future to this particular kit are: nail polish, instant cold compress kit, bigger gauze wraps and band-aids, hemostats, tweezers, antacids, hydra gel, burn gels, white thread, suture packets, penknife, straw, lighter, matches, bandanna, pen, marker, (2) water packets, water purification tablets, baking soda, CPR mask/dam, syringe, identification. And this list continues to grow as many people help me in suggesting items that are more qualified than I am.

Missy has been on youtube since Jan 2009, but has never used the format until this first video on Feb 27th 2010. She hope to continue adding more survival tips and music videos to her channel. Thank you for your time.


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