Adventure Medical Kits, SOL: Get Ready for Blood!

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Adventure Medical Kits, SOL: Get Ready for Blood!

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Covering lots of ground with Adventure Medical Kits and Survive Outside Longer branded survival
kits and gear. we have a fun visit with “Kyle.” He’s an adventure racer for his company. I have integrated many of the AMK/SOL products into my own systems for years. For instance the durable, breather, compacy “Escape Light” sleeping bag is only $32, is light, tough, and could save someone in shock or suffering from hypothermia. It’s always carried on day hikes or desert motorcycle adventures. Their smaller “Emergency Bivy” is super compact and yet durable emergency sleeping bag that can fit into your shirt pocket. It is not made of loud, tear-prone mylar either. It’s tough. Their First Aid Kits have improved somewhat since I first covered them. Several kits are shown and discussed in the video, each different applications. Kyle does seem to be fixated on Quick Clot but it is a smart addition to a Level 2 FAK still (I integrate them). Mini survival kits are shown as well. Then I give them my super sick, super original titanium survival slingshot idea (soon to be stolen and claimed by others). Links below show some of our fave gear covered that you can incorporate too.

At the time of posting, this was the fastest and cheapest place to get these. I consider most of these as STARTER kits:
AMK Survive Outdoors Longer “Escape Light” Bivvy [XLNT, have lots]:
AMK tiny “Emergency Bivy” [also xlnt] 3.8 oz:
Adventure Medical Kits “UltraLight & Watertight” .9 Kit: Medical Kits Adventure Medical Sportsman “Sportsman Grizzly” GROUP FAK, 2.6 lbs:
AMK “Weekender” First Aid Kit:
AMK “Sportsman Bighorn” First Aid Kit, 5.8 oz:
AMK UltraLight & Watertight .7 First Aid Kit:
AMK “Origin” Survival Took Pack [this looks hokey to me]:
AMK SOL Hybrid 3 Survival Kit:
AMK SOL “Scout” Mini Survival Kit:
AMK Super LIght ORANGE $5 Emergency Blanket:
SOL “Pocket Survival Pak Plus,” 0.6 Pound:
SOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket:
SOL Emergency Shelter Kit:
AMK Bivvy:


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